San Francisco

So off I go to San Francisco, again I am suffering from a distinct lack of excitement not because I don’t want to go and I’m not looking forward to it just because it never quite seems like reality until I have gone.

I bought some lovely boots from cheapo shop at the weekend to take with me, they are nothing compared to the Whimsical Boot of previous post (oh how I love them) but i think they will do me well stomping around the city. I had a notebook full of plans which got a bit abandoned in the upheaval of moving so i will have to seek that out again and have a look at what i shall be doing, exciting stuff I would hope. I am certainly going to Alcatraz, in my mind it is interchangeable with Azkaban so that should be good.

I’m sightly gutted that I will be missing the commotion of Muse, I have a huge crush on Zane Lowe (is that odd? I’d never really though about it before) and I hear he will be down so that’s a bit disappointing. I’m also quite relieved though, I think they are going to be shutting my street and i would be trapped in the midst of a gig I do not have tickets for and possibly trampled by crazed fans.


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