Day One

(Extracts from my San Fran diary)

Day One and I wake up at 7.30 am, despite having done a lot of travelling I have never suffered from jet lag, I think it’s a bit of a myth. My calf muscle is still protesting after last nights cramp session but other than that I’m feeling pretty good.  It’s 10 AM now and I am breakfasted, showered and coffeed up to Gilmore standards (thanks to the coffee maker in my room).

Union Square was only a couple of blocks from my hotel so i strolled down and started my photo taking attack on San Fran.  from Union Square I walked a couple of blocks down Powell until I came to the San Francisco visitors centre where I intended to exchange my e-ticket for my CityPass (entrance to the main attractions and MUNI transport for a week). Unfortunately it turns out my e-ticket was in fact only a receipt and they wouldn’t take it.  I am anally organised and I swear i never had an e-ticket, this was it.  I was there for a while and I won’t bore you with the details but the final answer was No, fuck off, but said politely and that American way.  I went to SFMOMA, one of the afore mentioned attractions and got the same response until the man who will evermore be known as ‘awesome SFMOMA guy’ took pity on me and exchanged it.

SFMOMA was pretty cool, I don’t like my art to come with too much explanation, I either get it and appreciate it or I don’t and I find the pretentiousness of the blurb can ruin a piece for me. SFMOMA in that respect was pretty ideal for me, it had pieces by some of my favourite  artists and left you to make up your own mind.

Today showed me something really important about this city though. it was not made be be itinerised. I had no intention of going anywhere south of Market today but this city is so fantastically walkable that a brief wander took me there.

I think when I packed and planned for this trip I forgot that despite all the talk of fog SF is still in California. What kind of weirdo goes to California and doesn’t take sunscreen and packs mostly sweaters and cardigans? That would be this kind of weirdo. Luckily the CW were advertising a new vampire show by giving out VPF 1000 sunscreen as “sun damage is the #1 killer of the undead” Vampire Diaries on the CW – Check it out folks.


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