Labour Day

(More from San Fran)

It is Labour Day today a holiday to honour something – I don’t actually know what but perhaps hard work and what better to way to celebrate than have a day off. There is a lot of stuff closed and the MUNI is running on limited Sunday service so i have decide to embrace my inner San Franciscan and head for Golden Gate Park.

I am currently sat in the Japanese Tea Garden contemplating Pagoda, Koi Carp and sculpted trees, maybe I should write a haiku? –
In the pond

I walked around the park for a few hours after I left the Tea Garden, sat for a bit, read for a bit and then walked some more. it was hot but not baking so I had a bit of a shock to discover I’m sporting a highly unattractive lobster look on my upper arms and scalp. Ouch!

I am quite please with how I have gotten to grips with the MUNI today. I took 2 buses and a streetcar (named 7 not desire) with ease.

I am going to have a busy day tomorrow I think, I’ve not done some of the most important things on my list yet like go to The Pirate Supply Store or City lights or the Castro Theatre.

Oh My God… Kurk from Gilmore Girls is going adverts these days, oh how the mighty have fallen, I just saw him in one for gbh. Not really travel diary stuff but I would have forgotten if I hadn’t written it down.


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