Seeing sights

(More San Fran Diary stuff)

Last night on my way to bed my knee twisted and made the most sickening tearing sound. I didn’t think of it much again as once in bed it didn’t hurt and I fell asleep quite quickly. This morning however I realised that I have done some damage as it is horribly painful walking. I decided that today would be the ideal day to embrace tourism and decided to get an open top bus ticket. I imagine one tour to be much like the next so I walked/hobbled to Union Square and got the first one to come along. My bus was Open Top Sightseeing San Francisco and boasted brand new buses, a fully narrated tour and a Golden Gate crossing.

Due to the sight seeing nature if today this is going to be a bit of a fact heavy post, sorry about that!

The first main step was the Asian Art Museum, City Hall & Civic Centre. In 1978 it was here at City hall that Dan White climbed through a window to avoid security and took the lives of Harvey Milk and Major George Moscone.

to be continued…..


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