Autumn is in full swing, the leaves have changed and started to drop, Halloween is imminent and fireworks are only a stones throw away.  This is my favourite time of year, the run up to Christmas when the days are shorter the evenings are dark and cinnamon is in the air (honestly, it is).

I bought tickets to something which i am hugely excited about, but a little embarrassed to be excited about so i w0n’t be telling you what it is, this morning and have been all of a glow about it this morning.  It is nearly 7 months to go so hopefully I will forget about it for a while, I’m quite highly strung at the best of times, if I spend the next 7 months in a constant state of anticipation I will probably have a nervous breakdown.

Have you ever met one of those people who is all talk and no action? They will go over and over a problem, looking at it from hundreds of their own perspectives but never anyone else’s. I am having my ear talked off by one at the moment, I would actually give them my ear and go without it if only I could take the rest of my body elsewhere, sadly circumstances mean i have to stay and listen to it.  I guess that publically at least I am all about accepting and moving on and I find it hard to cope with those who aren’t

Right, I think that I have mostly emptied my head of what is bothering me now which is good and hopefully I can have a more peaceful afternoon.  It’s my Grandpa’s funeral tomorrow, I’m kind of worried about it, I am worried that I will cry and embarrass myself or not cry and feel bad about it. It doesn’t help that my relationship with my Grandma is less than close.

Lunch break is over, time to go.


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