Things that make me happy

  • Discovering a new band who make me wonder how I ever lived without their music.
  • Listening to a band you used to love and failing for them all over again.
  • When the song that I have been hearing in my head is played on the radio and for a few minutes everything in the world seems right.
  • Reading a book which speaks to me so clearly it is like the author sat down and wrote it especially for me just to let me know that the contents of my head is also the contents of their head and that everything is fine.
  • Reading a book which is so trashy I can totally escape the real world for a bit.
  • Sue White, the woman, the legend.

  • Having stupid crushes on the famous which make me feel like a 15 year old – I also hate this a bit because who like to feel like a 15 year old? 15 year old don’t even like feeling like 15 year olds.
  • Snow Days – controversial at the moment but I’m in South Devon and we’ve hardly had any which makes me sad.
  • Urban Outfitters – the whole store just makes me glow.
  • London days of Culture avec Kate Erring fame.
  • Travelling – going to far flung places and learning and seeing new stuff.
  • Outings – going to not so far flung places and learning and seeing new stuff and sometimes old stuff too.
  • Writing lists, this one makes me super happy – getting my life into a column on the page gives me such a sense of calm.


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