The Same Deep Water as You

So I got a bit carried away with the blogging last week and consequentially have not written much this week – you probably don’t need to know all the details of my life because frankly they are pretty boring.

Operation New York is well underway. Do you ever find that things fall into place so easily that they must be destined to be? I wanted to go to Atlantic City for my birthday and I’m going, I wanted to go to New York and I’m going, I wanted to go to Bamboozle and we have backstage passes, it’s all just worked out so nicely. It’s strange and it makes me a little uneasy but I have to believe that it’s all going to be good because everything has slotted into place so perfectly. May is going to be the most insane month for me!

My London Day of Culture with Kate Erring is fast approaching but sadly will no longer be based on a surrealist theme as very inconveniently they have closed the Dali museum for relocation. I think it may just turn into a hat buying expedition – I’m wanting something extra special to take to New York with me. I am a big fan of a good hat.

I was just thinking about two things, one of which I won’t share for fear of looking a bit looped and  the other is the moment the mirror cracks, the moment that you notice something to which you have previously been blind for example when you hear a sound in the office which has previously been background noise and you can’t stop noticing it or when someones fatal flaw comes to your attention and you can no longer see/speak to them without focusing in on it.

That’s all for now.


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