Hanging by a Moment

The idea of a top 5 is stolen from Miss Helen Highwater, who may well have stolen it from someone herself, anyhow here you are, this is the top 5 of my week: 

5… I’m a sucker (ba bom pah) for anything Vampire and Vampire Diaries started this week on ITV 2. Why the fascination with Vampires? Well it’s clearly not just me, everyone is vampire mad at the moment, it’s something to do with escapism and the recession I think. I have been fascinated since I saw Interview with the Vampire when I was about 10 and I have to confess I was a big Buffy fan too. These days I think it’s the death/sex thing, a bit of fear intertwined with a bit of lust – something about going to a dark place but knowing it’s safe because it’s founded in myth.  

4… I forgot how much I love swimming until Helen Highwater and I decided to take it up as a bit of tri weekly exercise. I’m still in the burning shoulders stage at the moment but I am really enjoying it and hopefully will start to get my form back as the weeks go on. Awesome toned arms for New York here we come.

3… I dyed my hair rouge this week and that has made me quite happy – there is not really a lot to say about hair dying is there?

2… Yes I bang on about this all the time but now the tickets are booked so it is extremely real – New York, New York here we come! Accommodation will be the next big step and hopefully that will be done tomorrow and then dependent on how much of the budget is left over we might be going to to a Broadway show.  

1…A decision has been made on a new tattoo, I can’t reveal the outcome yet but it is definitely my number one for the week.


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