Sunny days and Loose Teeth

Hoorah, it is the beginning of February and my Christmas tree has finally gone, thank you very much for that Helen Highwater, Chris P. Duck and a whole lot of beer. 

Saturday was one of my favorite days in a long while, the sun was shining and and I actually got to wear my sunglasses without looking like a pretentious weirdo.  It is so much easier to be positive about the world when the sun is shining and it didn’t hurt that Helen Highwater and I were booking the accommodation for the New York trip.  I am definitely looking forward to spring arriving now. 

Watched Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell the other day, I now have a fairly serious concern that a scary old gypsy lady is going to attack me and give me a chin job, for those who haven’t seen it, let me explain…
The plot focuses on Christine, a loan officer who is chasing a big promotion, in order to prove she has the ability to make tough calls and uncompromising enough for the role she disallows a third extension on a mortgage taken out by “scary old gypsy lady” Sylvia Ganush, or as she will be henceforth be known SOGL. This decision will cause SOGL to lose her home so understandably she is not thrilled and resorts to begging Christine on bended knee. Christine calls for security and in doing so shames SOGL.
On leaving the bank at the end of the day Christine is set upon in stereotypical abandoned after hours car park by SOGL. A struggle ensues and SOGL’s false teeth are knocked out (here’s a tip for you, Fixodent), the loss of her teeth does not put her off though and she continues to attack. I have a strong stomach and cope fine with blood, guts, torture and murder but what came next both shocked and slightly sicked me. SOGL gummed Christine’s chin, I expect that there are words to describe this but I don’t have them, luckily YouTube has a little video detailing all the comedy/horrific “mouth moments” of the film.

Anyways, following the fight SOGL takes a button from Christine curses it and then returns it binding the curse to Christine. Much horror/hilarity ensues.  I’m still not too sure what I made of this movie, I don’t think I really enjoyed it but I watched with a fixed fascination – it was slickly produced but didn’t really grab me, the shocks were expected but pretty disgusting non the less. Maybe it will require a second watching and if I’m considering that I definitely didn’t hate it.  Justin Long didn’t hurt this film either, I love the actor he is developing into and even though he definitely played third fiddle in this movie he was still great.  

Swimming again this evening, I really look forward to it now and miss it on non swimming days.


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