Does your family have a zombie infestation plan?

Humour me on this one…

A topic that occupies my thoughts probably more than it should is how I would fare should the zombies/infected attack so I have a fairly well thought out survival plan.  I was in two minds about publishing this,   do I really want to put my plan out there, will it disadvantage me when the day comes?  Then I decided that it was the neighbourly thing to do and  if you manage to get online before the power goes then when the times come you will be able to come back and borrow my strategy – alternatively for those who like myself want to be prepared for all eventualities I would recommend printing and stashing it on your person at all times, perhaps in your wallet. Ideally you may also want to pick up a copy of “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks.

Anyway, here are my top 5 tips for Zombie survival:

1. Never leave your back unprotected – Because of this I think you are safest in a 3, you can stand with your backs together and all eyes will be facing out at all times so no pesky Zombies will be sneaking up on you – as soon as you leave your back unprotected…well we’ve all seen the movies.

2. Horde Books – Yes you need to survive first but don’t focus so much on surviving the initial attack that you forget about the aftermath, books will be an invaluable resource teaching you everything from first aid to gardening to animal husbandry.

3. Know Where Your Going – I have in mind a place I would run to should the Zombies come, I have chosen it for it’s defendability and the fact that it would be hard for the Zombies to access. I advise you chose somewhere too so as soon as the first announcements come in you can haul ass and get your defenses set up. I’m not going to tell you where my spot is because there isn’t space for all of us and I wouldn’t want to have to turn you away.

4. Gather Supplies – Zombie invasion is the only situation under which I will be pro-looting, but please be a respectful looter – there is no need to go feral, the majority of people are not going to be prepared and will therefore fall foul of the Zombies very fast. There won’t be unlimited supplies but there will be enough for you to get by on to start with so there is no need to fight fellow survivors. Medical supplies, bottled water, tinned and packaged foods and petrol are your main focuses. You also need to be prepared to improvise, other guides will tell you to arm yourself but personally I live nowhere near a munitions factory and would be a liability with a gun if I got my hands on one, for flame thrower think hairspray and a lighter etc.

5. Seek Out Other Survivors – Probably best to wait for the initial wave to pass before you do this, yes you want to find other’s but you don’t want to die yourself in the process. I’m quite a self sufficient person but in the case of Zombie’s safety in numbers is the way forward and if you stay alone, you could be alone for eternity and that would drive someone very comfortable in there own company mad after a while.


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