Every performance is different. That’s the beauty of it.

It’s strange how taste in music changes, I admit back in the day I loved the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys as much as anyone.  I actually went to see the Backstreet Boys, they were the first live music that I ever went to.  The thing with the Backstreet Boys was that I idolised them so much that as soon as I had seen them and come to realise that they were not the Gods I thought they were but instead humans I went off them really quickly. These days if I like a band and go to see them then in general I will come to love them more.

After the generic boy/girl bands came Nirvana, I was too young to love them in Kurt Cobain’s lifetime but I made up for it fervently. I had a tape of Unplugged in New York (we are going back a few years here) which I basically wore out, I worshipped Kurt, I researched him, I could tell you about as much detail as anyone could about his final days and whilst I didn’t totally grasp the sentiment behind the music I adored it and thought it was speaking just to me. I still enjoy their music, if nothing else Kurt Cobain was accomplished, but having moved on from the self indulgent misery of youth it’s just not the same these days. 
Nirvana lead on to a love of The Foo Fighters, Bush, No Doubt, Hole, Placebo, Lost Prophets and many other bands which I still really enjoy listening to these days, as well as summers spent at festivals in worship and tribute.

These days my taste in music is a lot more eclectic, I think  I used to believe that I had to chose a box, I could not listen to Foo Fighter and Fiona Apple, that I was defined by what was on my ipod – well not ipod, CD Walkman. Now I realise I love what I love and if it’s conflicting and confusing then oh well. 
When I was younger I  complained a lot about people trying to stereotype me but I was stereotyping myself.  So what if my ipod hosts Dolly Parton, The Decemberists, David Bowie and The Distillers, I like all of those bands, I am complicated and that is part of what makes me, me.      

(Right now I am listening to John Lee Hooker)


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