I want to be a part of it

So it has finally arrived, tomorrow Highwater and I are off to NYC.

The agenda includes a Broadway musical, a twilight trip up the Empire State Building, coffee and a morning stroll in Central Park, the Staten Island ferry ( Highwater would like her picture taken a la Carrie in the episode of Sex in the City where she is a guest judge in the sexy fireman competition) and various other brilliant things. We are spending the Saturday at Bamboozle Festival watching some brilliant bands and schmoozing with musician types and then renting a car and going to play some slots and dine at Hooters and IHOP in Atlantic City. Highwater claims that IHOP is mentioned in every movie ever made in the history of movies ever and whilst I doubt this somewhat I am still excited to have scrambled eggs and pancakes on a plate together with some maple syrup.

I may not be packed yet but at least I have my red heart shaped sunglasses and 4 specially crafted road trip Cd’s for the journey to AC, we shall be listening to “From Helen Highwater” “Atlantic City Holly Day” “Number the Third” and “9.05 Minutes of Freebird” .

I am sure that I will blog extensively on our return. Wish us fun.


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