New York, New York

After a spot of turbulence, stomach churning for me and terror inducing for Highwater we arrived into Newark Liberty International Airport and hopped straight onto a shuttle bus and into NYC.  Here is a little tip for purveyors of accommodation worldwide, at the risk of making your patrons look very foolish please provide correct address details on your website. After that little mishap we arrived at candy Hostel, checked in and took to the city. We got the subway to Time Square and I introduced Highwater to the wonder that is Walgreens. We had dinner and long island ice teas which managed to get us both a bit drunk, what can I say, air travel makes us cheap dates, and then off we went to see Chicago. It was incredibly good but I think that both of us were a little too tired to enjoy it properly.

Friday was tourist day, we got up early and had a stroll around Central Park . I don’t care what people say about new Yorkers I found them to be some of the most courteous helpful people I have ever encountered. Highwater and I were keen to see the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture and clearly looked a bit lost and confused and a lovely lady with a dog gave us directions, in fact pretty much any time we had to ask someone for assistance in New York they went above and beyond to help us out. 

After Central Park we got one of my favourite tourist buses to show of the highlights. Normally I am a big fan of discovering a city organically, wandering around the streets and stumbling upon iconic sights but there is also a lot to be said for lazy tourism – you are guaranteed to see all the key sights, you get the added bonus of a guides insight into the city and if you are short on time I think that despite the cringe factor of being such an obvious tourist the sightseeing buses are actually a really good option.

Admittedly the bus only took us by the main attractions and not actually to them but given we only really had 24 hours in NYC I think we did quite well for sightseeing. After the tourist bus we had lunch at tgi Fridays and did a bit more of a wander around Time Square including going into the Hershey’s store and the M& M’s store where they seem to have spent a lot of time working out how the create M&M merchandised everything – from cuddly monkeys who declare they love chocolate to M&M flavour chap stick – you’ve got to “love” capitalism.

And then it was time to leave so we collected our bags and headed to the Port Authority Bus terminal or as we lovingly know it, Hell.  Next stop New Joysey (This is Highwater and my best guess at the accent).


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