Ladies and gentleman this is your captain speaking

Sometimes you see a band and you might as well be stood watching a CD player on stage playing their albums, sometimes however you see a band and you realise that the albums you have been adoring don’t even display 20% of their talent. 100 Monkeys are one of those bands. I saw them live for the first but definitely not last time 11 days ago and I’m still buzzing from it a bit.  I honestly can’t recommend this band more highly, they are all such talented musicians, their lyrics are a mix of the profound and the witty, the stage show is insanely energetic and Rolling Stone has listed them as one of this years 5 Breakout Bands to watch. 

“This eccentric Cali act have a built-in buzz magnet — bandmember Jackson Rathbone, also known as one of Twilight’s famous vampires. Their spazzy, energetic Saturday set blended tribal sounds with vocals recalling Jim Morrison’s baritone croon. The “can-this-be-real?” factor ran high thanks to song titles like “The Monkey Song,” lyrics like “free, free, free the beast” and five guys in bandanas jumping around and playing hand drums, trumpet and flute. The band’s latest release, Grape, is out now.” Erica Futtermann;kw=%5B13193,141762%5D


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