Beautiful, More So

Come the end of this June
I’m gonna leave this city for good.
I’m gonna black out all of the pages I wrote
and move on to some better ages, I hope

Do what I can to forget about you
cuz your love un-made me
You loved me so fine in fact
that all it really did was fuck me up real bad

I don’t know ’bout what I did possess
that got me so obsessive
I gotta know all about your new squeeze
I gotta know does he call you monkey?
I gotta know does he nibble at your hip-bone?
does he call you beautiful?
does he think you’re beautiful?

Does he actually know
You’re beautiful more so?

I sure hope so…..

I’ve been so tired these days
with loggin’ late night sessions
So uninspired these days
I hardly even try to write my own progressions

It’s not that easy
not to feel sorry for myself
because honest to God
I do believe this could be
me throwin’ away the best thing
that I ever got.

So please don’t kick me
if I ever come crawlin’ back
My money says I’m never gonna
but with you I’d like to play
on the safe side


You’re beautiful more so….

~ Spencer Bell


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