Line of Best Fit

The passage of time is a funny thing, a minute can feel like an hour and two years can feel like the blink of an eye. I was listening to Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie last night and I started to think about an overnight bus trip I took in Australia at about this time two years ago. I was hot and uncomfortable and struggling to sleep but in love with my life and listening to the track to try and lull myself to sleep.

Living in Australia seems like a million years ago, two seconds ago and as if it never happened all at the same time.  I really miss living out of a backpack sometimes, I miss going on epic adventures. I miss being the girl who got on a plane from Thailand to Cambodia on a whim, on her own because it was right there and why the hell not.  My life has become very small recently and there are good and important reasons for that, I’m doing valuable stuff like getting my MA and being a responsible adult but that doesn’t mean that the desire for a big life has gone away. I guess I have just reached a point in my life where I have to put some of my dreams on a shelf where they can wait patiently for me to have the opportunity and resources to pick them up again.  


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