I hate Kevin Bacon

It’s not his fault. He could be a perfectly nice guy, he could be a total dick I have no idea. The reason I hate him stems from watching Sleepers as a teenager. The character he plays in that movie is so deplorable that I have never been able to get over it. Having never mentioned my loathing of Mr Bacon to anyone before I though I was alone in my hate of him but today I discovered that my boss shares my feelings and now I am wondering are there more of us out there?  Look at this face…. don’t you just want to punch it?



2 thoughts on “I hate Kevin Bacon

  1. I toooootally agree. And here’s my reasoning: In most of his movies he’s not really playing a role – he’s just Kevin Bacon, reading his lines. (An exception that comes to mind is his portrayal of Jack Swigert in Apollo 13…didn’t mind him in that one.) But for the most part he’s just always the same person. The creepy thing is that his boy-raping character in Sleepers didn’t strike me as being an exception; it was like, “Hi, I’m Kevin Bacon, and I rape boys.” From the roles I’ve seen him in I get the impression that he’s arrogant.

    Contrast that with an actor like Mark Rolston who played Bogs (the guy who liked to rape Andy) in The Shawshank Redemption. Rolston’s character was creepy and loathsome, but I don’t associate any of that with Mark Rolston himself; in fact I loved his gung-ho space marine character in Aliens.

    Kevin Bacon, for me, just doesn’t cut it as a headline name. I don’t think he’s got the depth. I wouldn’t mind him in minor supporting roles…you know, where he won’t be noticed much. He almost did okay as the villain in the latest X-Men movie, but it didn’t take long for that irritating Kevin Bacon personality to show through the villain character…at which point I was rolling my eyes at him.

    He just needs to go away. Far away.

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