Un Petit Voyage à Paris

At the end of November Kate Erring, The Commander and I are taking a little trip to Paris.  One great thing about living in the UK is the travel possibilities right on your doorstep. I am quite in love with America, I love to visit and one day I hope to live there but it does have it’s limitations travel-wise unless you have a lot of money. By contrast in living Europe you can explore a foreign country on a long weekend on a relatively tight budget, which sort of makes up for the rainy days and pathetic summers.

Despite the fact that Paris is easy to get to I have only been once before as a Christmas trip with my Mum when I was about 15 so I am very excited about going again.  I currently spend a good portion of my day dreaming about gallivanting about the city streets taking photo’s like a mad woman, visiting museums, quaffing champagne and nibbling at pastries.  I was planning to post an itinerary but then realised that providing random strangers the details of my movements was probably not a wise thing to do so I will give that information post trip but let me tell you now we have done a very good job in picking the hotel, it looks absolutely fabulous. I am almost as excited about seeing the hotel in person as I am about the whole trip and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be singing it’s praises and giving it a high recommendation.    

The trip is for 3 days and I have some must to activities of my own but what are yours?


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