Where we’re going we don’t need roads

2010 marks the 25th birthday of one of the best films of the 1980’s Back to the Future and to  mark the occasion Highwater and I hoped in our souped up DeLorian and hightailed it back to 1985 to watch it in the cinema – or this is what we would have done but some sensible soul decided it deserved to be rereleased for the occasion, which is convenient because plutonium is so expensive these days.  As I was born in 1985 myself I didn’t get to see it in cinema’s the first time round but have seen it many, many times on the TV, mainly around Christmas time. Despite this I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch it on the big screen, how it was intended to be seen.

In case you have been living in a cave for the last 25 years the premise of Back to the Future is teenage Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels back to 1955 in a Delorean turned plutonium fueled time-machine created by the archetypal mad scientist Dr Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd).  In 1955 he meets his parents, still teenagers themselves, he unwittingly disrupts the natural course of events and he must intervene to make sure his parents still meet, fall in love and marry otherwise he will never be conceived and will cease to be.

It’s not the most sophisticated of films but the special effects are brilliant (for the time of course, this movie is a CGI free zone) the plot is griping and if you don’t love this film then you just don’t love films do you?


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