Oh, Hi

1) I over analyse almost everything.
2) It is rare for me to go more than 2 months without reorganising my furniture.
3) I’m quite shy with people I don’t know but once you get past the wall it’s hard to shut me up.
4) I have a love of storage systems.
5) I love Green an irrational amount.
6) I like spontaneity but if you are a consistent canceller of plans you will piss me off.
7) I really want to be able to knit but I’m crap at it.
8 ) I’m a sucker for anything acoustic.
9) I fuck up, a lot.
10) I get crushes on odd people, like Hugh Laurie.
11) My favourite snack food was discontinued whilst I was travelling but I still look for it every time I go to the supermarket just in case.
12) I have known very few of my good friends for over 5 years.
13) I love pub quizzes and board games.
14) I have been dying my hair since I was 15, at this point I don’t know what my natural colour would be.
15) I rarely cry over things in my own life but almost always tear up at the overcoming adversity moments in television and films.
16) My favourite place on earth thus far is Angkor Wat.
17) I like to use antiquated terms such as thus and henceforth.
18) I am very organised but also very messy.
19) I would tell you my favourite movie/song/band/book but it changes so often I can’t.
20) I have never felt more at home anywhere than I did in Melbourne.
21) I believe in good syntax, even in text messages.
22) I don’t really want children but if I do have any they will be called Ophelia and Baker James.
23) I can forgive a hell of a lot, but once you’ve lost me you’ve lost me forever.
24) I LOVE a good cup of tea but I drink coffee more often.
25) I don’t believe in forever.


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