The Film Quest

JM and I are on a mission. It started almost by accident, we were discussing films and despite at the time having not seen it myself I recommended A Serbian Film to him as a film meant to be new and shocking. To be fair when we first watched it we were a bit shocked. JM had to turn it off briefly after the New Born Porn scene and I certainly felt less than comfortable at several points throughout the film, however, we got through it and we were left with a question… Is this the height of cinematic depravity or is there more?  And so it began, a test of  personal endurance, boundaries, constitution, a quest to watch the so called 25 Most Disturbing Horror Movies Ever.  The base list is one I found on the Total Film website but as we have become more involved in the project others have been added in along the way.  The following is our starter list.

When this list has been completed JM and I shall collaborate on what I shall call “JM and Holly Day’s Definitive 25”, the films we deem to be most disturbing, taken from both this list and the others we have watched along the way. I shall also try to blog about the movies after I have watched them.

25. Antichrist
24. Blue Velvet
23. Shivers
22. Martyrs
21.Man Bites Dog
20. Begotten
19. Aftermath
18. The Human Centipede
17. A Clockwork Orange
16. Flowers of Flesh and Blood
15. The Last House On The Left (1972)
14. Irreversible
13. Nekromantik
12. Men Behind The Sun
11.I Spit On Your Grave (1978)
10. Happiness
9. Funny Games
8. Visitor Q
7. Salo or 120 Days of Sodom
6. Cannibal Holocaust
5. In A Glass Cage
4. Eraserhead
3. Audition
2. Threads
1. The Exorcist 


Oh, Hi

1) I over analyse almost everything.
2) It is rare for me to go more than 2 months without reorganising my furniture.
3) I’m quite shy with people I don’t know but once you get past the wall it’s hard to shut me up.
4) I have a love of storage systems.
5) I love Green an irrational amount.
6) I like spontaneity but if you are a consistent canceller of plans you will piss me off.
7) I really want to be able to knit but I’m crap at it.
8 ) I’m a sucker for anything acoustic.
9) I fuck up, a lot.
10) I get crushes on odd people, like Hugh Laurie.
11) My favourite snack food was discontinued whilst I was travelling but I still look for it every time I go to the supermarket just in case.
12) I have known very few of my good friends for over 5 years.
13) I love pub quizzes and board games.
14) I have been dying my hair since I was 15, at this point I don’t know what my natural colour would be.
15) I rarely cry over things in my own life but almost always tear up at the overcoming adversity moments in television and films.
16) My favourite place on earth thus far is Angkor Wat.
17) I like to use antiquated terms such as thus and henceforth.
18) I am very organised but also very messy.
19) I would tell you my favourite movie/song/band/book but it changes so often I can’t.
20) I have never felt more at home anywhere than I did in Melbourne.
21) I believe in good syntax, even in text messages.
22) I don’t really want children but if I do have any they will be called Ophelia and Baker James.
23) I can forgive a hell of a lot, but once you’ve lost me you’ve lost me forever.
24) I LOVE a good cup of tea but I drink coffee more often.
25) I don’t believe in forever.

To survive

In order to survive I require the following:


Breathing Space


I’m not all that complicated, give me these and we are good.

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I Heart It

I have such a crush on weheartit right now – thank you so much to Lisa for recommending it (oh and please check out her beautiful blog, “I heart the man in the moon” it’s on my blogroll!)

 Here are some pictures which really make me smile (except the first one, this makes me sad but it’s very true to now)

One day I will have a home of my own and it will contain a room like this…

I love this, I want it on my body so much!

Maybe not as practical as a laptop but so much heart.

Just because it’s so pretty…

Let’s go here and wear pretty dresses and dance among the trees.

all images sourced from weheartit


I have been feeling a bit blue  recently but I have just registered for my MA (an absolute must in my profession of having absolutely no idea what you are doing with your life) and hopefully things are looking up.  For a lover of the list I have not graced you with one for far too long so in honour of positivity here is a list of 50 things I adore:

1. Carousels
2. Cinnamon
3. Trees
4. Cozy Coats
5. Secondhand Books, New Books, Textbook – All books
6. Scarves
7. Vintage glass door knobs
8. Pretty vintage style underwear
9. Castles
10. Fairy lights
11. Vintage bird cages
12. Braided hair
13. Cameras
14. Sparklers
15. Gypsy Caravans
16. Stained Glass
17. Butterflies
18. Dream catchers
19. Mobiles
20. Broaches
21. Lip balm
22. Buttons
23. Pretty dresses
24. Globes
25. Notebooks
26. Picnics
27. Spring flowers
28. Thrift shops
29. Camping
30. Farmers Markets
31. Bikes with wicker baskets
32. Hats
33. Real lemonade
34. Blowing bubbles
35. Live music
36. Hair bands
37. Adventures with hair dye
38. Scrabble
39. Mismatched chairs
40. Luggage
41. Tins and boxes
42. Cereal
43. Cookies
44. Retro kitchenware
45. Christmas ornaments
46. Big comfy armchairs
47. Bunting
48. Beautifully decorated gardens
49. Boots, boots and more boots
50. Blogs

Does your family have a zombie infestation plan?

Humour me on this one…

A topic that occupies my thoughts probably more than it should is how I would fare should the zombies/infected attack so I have a fairly well thought out survival plan.  I was in two minds about publishing this,   do I really want to put my plan out there, will it disadvantage me when the day comes?  Then I decided that it was the neighbourly thing to do and  if you manage to get online before the power goes then when the times come you will be able to come back and borrow my strategy – alternatively for those who like myself want to be prepared for all eventualities I would recommend printing and stashing it on your person at all times, perhaps in your wallet. Ideally you may also want to pick up a copy of “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks.

Anyway, here are my top 5 tips for Zombie survival:

1. Never leave your back unprotected – Because of this I think you are safest in a 3, you can stand with your backs together and all eyes will be facing out at all times so no pesky Zombies will be sneaking up on you – as soon as you leave your back unprotected…well we’ve all seen the movies.

2. Horde Books – Yes you need to survive first but don’t focus so much on surviving the initial attack that you forget about the aftermath, books will be an invaluable resource teaching you everything from first aid to gardening to animal husbandry.

3. Know Where Your Going – I have in mind a place I would run to should the Zombies come, I have chosen it for it’s defendability and the fact that it would be hard for the Zombies to access. I advise you chose somewhere too so as soon as the first announcements come in you can haul ass and get your defenses set up. I’m not going to tell you where my spot is because there isn’t space for all of us and I wouldn’t want to have to turn you away.

4. Gather Supplies – Zombie invasion is the only situation under which I will be pro-looting, but please be a respectful looter – there is no need to go feral, the majority of people are not going to be prepared and will therefore fall foul of the Zombies very fast. There won’t be unlimited supplies but there will be enough for you to get by on to start with so there is no need to fight fellow survivors. Medical supplies, bottled water, tinned and packaged foods and petrol are your main focuses. You also need to be prepared to improvise, other guides will tell you to arm yourself but personally I live nowhere near a munitions factory and would be a liability with a gun if I got my hands on one, for flame thrower think hairspray and a lighter etc.

5. Seek Out Other Survivors – Probably best to wait for the initial wave to pass before you do this, yes you want to find other’s but you don’t want to die yourself in the process. I’m quite a self sufficient person but in the case of Zombie’s safety in numbers is the way forward and if you stay alone, you could be alone for eternity and that would drive someone very comfortable in there own company mad after a while.

Dear Dean Winchester

The reasons I need you in my life are as follows –

To protect me from demons, spiders, ghosts and home invaders and the other things I worry about when I wake at night.
To teach me to play poker – I can already bluff like a motherfucker! 
To do the driving when I can’t be bothered.
So I can buy a car that I actually want and have someone to take car of the maintenance side of things.
To accompany me on the random outings that I feel the need to go on.
To be the brawn to my brains.

I like…

I like swinging a bucket of water over my head so fast that none of the water comes out.
I like lying on the floor with a limb in the air so that when I lower it it feels like it is going through the floor.
I like the smell of petrol.
I like lying in bed with the rain on the window.
I like films which make me feel like I am going slightly insane for a little while after I have watched them.
I like untangling stuff.
I like writing lists.
I like the smell and atmosphere of a used bookstore.
I like racing raindrops down windows.
I like drawing shapes and letters in the air.
I like spinning on my desk chair.

Hanging by a Moment

The idea of a top 5 is stolen from Miss Helen Highwater, who may well have stolen it from someone herself, anyhow here you are, this is the top 5 of my week: 

5… I’m a sucker (ba bom pah) for anything Vampire and Vampire Diaries started this week on ITV 2. Why the fascination with Vampires? Well it’s clearly not just me, everyone is vampire mad at the moment, it’s something to do with escapism and the recession I think. I have been fascinated since I saw Interview with the Vampire when I was about 10 and I have to confess I was a big Buffy fan too. These days I think it’s the death/sex thing, a bit of fear intertwined with a bit of lust – something about going to a dark place but knowing it’s safe because it’s founded in myth.  

4… I forgot how much I love swimming until Helen Highwater and I decided to take it up as a bit of tri weekly exercise. I’m still in the burning shoulders stage at the moment but I am really enjoying it and hopefully will start to get my form back as the weeks go on. Awesome toned arms for New York here we come.

3… I dyed my hair rouge this week and that has made me quite happy – there is not really a lot to say about hair dying is there?

2… Yes I bang on about this all the time but now the tickets are booked so it is extremely real – New York, New York here we come! Accommodation will be the next big step and hopefully that will be done tomorrow and then dependent on how much of the budget is left over we might be going to to a Broadway show.  

1…A decision has been made on a new tattoo, I can’t reveal the outcome yet but it is definitely my number one for the week.