The Film Quest

JM and I are on a mission. It started almost by accident, we were discussing films and despite at the time having not seen it myself I recommended A Serbian Film to him as a film meant to be new and shocking. To be fair when we first watched it we were a bit shocked. JM had to turn it off briefly after the New Born Porn scene and I certainly felt less than comfortable at several points throughout the film, however, we got through it and we were left with a question… Is this the height of cinematic depravity or is there more?  And so it began, a test of  personal endurance, boundaries, constitution, a quest to watch the so called 25 Most Disturbing Horror Movies Ever.  The base list is one I found on the Total Film website but as we have become more involved in the project others have been added in along the way.  The following is our starter list.

When this list has been completed JM and I shall collaborate on what I shall call “JM and Holly Day’s Definitive 25”, the films we deem to be most disturbing, taken from both this list and the others we have watched along the way. I shall also try to blog about the movies after I have watched them.

25. Antichrist
24. Blue Velvet
23. Shivers
22. Martyrs
21.Man Bites Dog
20. Begotten
19. Aftermath
18. The Human Centipede
17. A Clockwork Orange
16. Flowers of Flesh and Blood
15. The Last House On The Left (1972)
14. Irreversible
13. Nekromantik
12. Men Behind The Sun
11.I Spit On Your Grave (1978)
10. Happiness
9. Funny Games
8. Visitor Q
7. Salo or 120 Days of Sodom
6. Cannibal Holocaust
5. In A Glass Cage
4. Eraserhead
3. Audition
2. Threads
1. The Exorcist 


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