30 before 30

On the 19th April 2015 I will be turning 30, this is a list of goals I want to achieve in my life before that date.  Some are lifestyle related, others are experiences I wish to have, when I have achieved something I’ll be crossing it off and writing about it.  I have tried to make everything things which are achievable for me with my current income and circumstances

  1. Take a photo every day for a year.
  2. Spend a whole weekend at a spa.
  3. Sing karaoke on stage.
  4. Have a framed photo of me in my house and be happy about it.
  5. Start running.
  6. Reach my goal weight (yep I know it’s a massive cliché).
  7. Make a scrapbook or photobook for someone.
  8. Have an at least semi functional relationship with a man (as opposed to the wholey dysfunctional ones to date).
  9. Write a book.
  10. Go on a milinary course.
  11. Skinny dip.
  12. Regularly practice yoga for a year or more.
  13. Buy the perfect little black dress.
  14. Take a cookery class.
  15. See the Aurora Borealis.
  16. Host a dinner party for 6 people.
  17. Have something I’ve written published in a magazine or newspaper.
  18. Go to Coachella.
  19. Skydive.
  20. Take a burlesque class.
  21. Get a bike and start riding it.
  22. Go on a boozy camping trip.
  23. Hire a projector and watch movies in the garden.
  24. Host a Halloween party and go all out with the decorations.
  25. Get two more tattoos (no’s 6 & 7)
  26. Learn to knit and  crochet.
  27. Attend an all night movie marathon.
  28. Do a 5 day detox/cleanse.
  29. Attend Mardi Gras.ardi Gras
  30. Celebrate my 30th with a real birthday party.

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